This man has so many talents. I don’t understand why he thinks he’s only good at rapping! I’m at an art school and I can’t draw a stickman right, let alone this stuff, while he was already drawing like this at 12-15.

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FACK. he’s so hot.

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Anto’s comment on shirtless photos of Messi :P

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Goodbye :(

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The players whose teams played World Cup semis (Alves, Neymar, Mascherano, Messi) return to Barcelona next week.

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Premier League first games (Kick off 15:00 GMT unless stated otherwise)

Saturday 16 August

Arsenal  v Crystal Palace (17:00)

Leicester City v Everton

Manchester United v Swansea City (12:45)

QPR v Hull City

Stoke City v Aston Villa

West Brom v Sunderland

West Ham v Tottenham

Sunday 17 August

Liverpool v Southampton (13:30)

Newcastle United v Manchester City (16:00)

Monday 18 August

Burnley v Chelsea (20:00)

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They call me slim shady…

They call me slim shady…

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You better lose yourself in the music